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Working with age groups from 5 – 18yrs


All backgrounds, abilities and experience are
perfectly suited to our rewarding activity club.




Working with experienced film-makers and teachers, learn how to make your very own films, documentaries or music videos.
Film Club Red Carpet Events: Bring your loved ones to a Film Club Screening to show off your talent. We will provide the popcorn!!! 


Who we are

Established in 2015 by Sam Kermer and Matthew McPherson.


Sam and Matthew have already led film clubs for diverse groups of students, from private institutions to special needs schools and hospitals. They have a track record in bringing fun, confidence and joy to children from all kinds of backgrounds. Their vision is to take project-based activity clubs to the next level; their goal is to inspire young people to find the excitement and sense of achievement they themselves found in film-making, whilst learning key skills on which to build their futures.

Sam and Matthew are both professionally-trained actors and film-makers and their love for acting and film-making, coupled with their passion for working with kids resulted in the creation of ‘Film Club’. Both founders have extensive backgrounds in teaching children with a range of abilities. They have acted in various feature films, on the tele and in several theatre productions throughout the UK. Their own projects have aired at renowned film festivals and have won industry awards.




All film club facilitators are professionals in the industry and have a large amount of experience working for




Meet the team

Film of the month


Woodfield school


Today we started a five week programme at Woodfield School. The year 10’s began work on film based projects around the theme of ‘DISCOVERY’ as part of their Autumn Term drama.

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Hull Summer Club!

Film Club had an incredible Summer working with Northern Lights Drama on a 5 day Summer School in August.

Check out some of the films they made!

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